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Staff List

NameSex Description Online
Fa La La La La Akasha Female Owner No
Ribbons and Bows Morta Female Owner No
Jinkies! HunterD Male Chief Administrator
Ophelia Female Chief Administrator
Head of Staff
Resa Female Senior Administrator
Co-Owner & Creative Coordinator
Rayn Female Senior Administrator
RPGLink Liaison
Persecuted Anastasiya Female Senior Administrator
Co-Owner & Exarch of Order
Alestan Male Administrator
Creative Staff
On Leave
Qotu Female Administrator
Creative Staff
On Leave
Frightfully Delightful Johnny Male Administrator
RPGLink Staffer
SmolUmbra Raizel Redgrave Female Junior Administrator
Social Media Coordinator
Sylvyr Male Senior Moderator No
Frisk Female Moderator (On Leave) No
Evilysweet Female Moderator (On Leave) No
I Spiked the Milk & Cookies Nerina Female Moderator (In Training) (On Leave) No

Do not ask staff members for a position on Forbidden Realm's staff. If we need more staff members then staff applications will be opened.

Consulting Staff List

NameSex Description
Topsy Male Consulting Administrator
RPGLink Media Coordinator
Lexi Female Honorary Co-Owner
Shaman Helga Female Consulting Site Owner
Legacy of Rourke
Silver & Gold Aysun Miyako Female Administrator Emeritus
Chaos of the Forbidden Nadine Female In Training
StArDuSt Female Honorary Administrator
Insane Xenia Female Admin (On Leave)

These are consulting staff and members of Admininstrative staff.
DJ List

NameSex Description Online
Jinkies! HunterD Male Head DJ No
Fa La La La La Akasha Female DJ No
Daisuke Male DJ No
Topsy Male DJ No
Aphonic Verah Female DJ No
Canser Ddidostur Male DJ No

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Characters Online
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